Relationship between Spagic project and Universities

Spagic project team has always been collaborating with universities and individual students. We believe that open source software can and should be used in the educational field, not because it is free of cost, but because it can be a formative base for the Information Technology professionals of tomorrow. Spagic team has always been glad to take part in workshops and presentations at universities, and to support training stages and students' master degree thesis.

Here below, we mention some consolidated relationships between Spagic team and some universities or individual professors, significant results and demonstrations at different universities and master degree courses.

University of Padua, Italy

Faculty of Mathematical, Physical and Natural Sciences - Computer Science Degree
Faculty of Statistics - Degree in Statistics and Information Technology

The collaboration with these faculties, through professor Susi Dulli, has given rise to several demonstrations on SpagoBI project during some courses on Data Mining (Post-graduate degree in Computer Science) and on Business Information Systems (Degree in Statistics).

Gabriele Ruffatti, member of SpagoWorld Executive Board, worked as an Adjunct Professor at this University (Post-graduate degree course in Computer Science) on open source themes, during the academic years 2006-07 and 2007-08.

These collaborations have give several important results, such as:

  • A contribution (bug-fixing) to Spagic software by Claudio Carbone:
    • Spagic-131: Optimize the creation of the queue connection in the class AuditingExchangeAsyncListener
  • A post-graduate degree thesis in Computer Science at the Faculty of Mathematical, Physical and Natural Sciences:
    • Generazione di grafi in Business Process Management Notation by Erika Contiero (download here).

University of Milan, Italy

Since a long time, Engineering Group has been collaborating with the Department of Information Technologies of the University of Milan and with the Didactic and Research Pole of Crema, through prof. Ernesto Damiani. This collaboration has given rise to:

  • didactic collaboration, presentations and demonstrations on open source, training services and collaboration for graduation thesis
  • joint activities within the OW2 BI Initiative
  • joint research activities, through the SESAR research group, in activities such as business intelligence, quality of processes, process mining
  • contribution to the development of Spago4Q platform and consulting services in the definition of the reference model.

University of Trento, Italy

Engineering Group collaborates with the DISI, the Department of Computer Science and Informative Systems of the University of Trento, through prof. Fabio Casati. This collaboration has given rise to:

  • didactic collaboration in open source business intelligence and services architectures themes, supported by presentations and demonstrations
  • joint activities within the OW2 BI Initiative.

ISUFI High School, Italy

The cooperation with the e-Business Mangement-ISUFI of the University of Salento has has given rise to a collaboration based on the use of SpagoBI suite and Spagic platform.

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