What's SpagoBI?

The only 100% open source, complete and flexible BI suite

  • a complete, robust, secure, scalable, industry-grade OS BI suite
  • 16 analytical areas, more than 30 analytical engines
  • unique solutions, not only usual reporting and charting tools: Geo, QbE, Dossier, KPIs, Interactive Dashboards, Real-time BI.

Why SpagoBI?

SpagoBI is the right choice for information intelligence!

How can I use SpagoBI?

In many ways!

How can I participate?

In many ways!


SpagoBI Server - basic engines

See an overview of SpagoBI Server main basic engines:

SpagoBI Server -advanced engines

See an overview of SpagoBI Server main advanced engines:

Business Intelligence domains

See how SpagoBI fulfil the main BI domains capabilities:


100% open source, forever!

SpagoBI is open source software at enterprise level

  • pure open source model: unique open source stable versions, no proprietary or enterprise versions
  • downloadable software from OW2 Consortium forge, a not-for-profit and independent open source community
  • professional support services to be used when and how long you need them.

An entirely open source approach

A plain and transparent definition of open source rules


SpagoBI Highlights

SpagoBI 4.2 is out!

SpagoBI 4.2 is available now!
This version offers several improvements and new features, including but not limited to multi-tenancy, self-service BI, smart filters and KPIs. Download it now!

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