BI components of SpagoBI, the only 100% open source, complete and flexible business intelligence suite

SpagoBI is the only entirely Open Source Business Intelligence suite. It covers all the analytical areas of Business Intelligence projects, with innovative themes and engines. SpagoBI offers a wide range of analytical tools, as follows.

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reporting REPORTING
4 engines: JasperReport, BIRT, Accessible report, BO
SpagoBI allows to realize structured reports, using structured information views (e.g. lists, tables, crosstabs, reports) and to export them using several formats (HTML, PDF, XLS, XML, TXT, CSV, RTF).

3 engines: Jpivot/Mondrian, JPalo/Mondrian, JPXMLA
SpagoBI allows the multidimensional analysis through flexible and user-friendly OLAP engines. Users can analyze data on different detail levels and from different perspectives, through drill-down, drill-across, slice-and-dice, drill-through processes.

charts CHARTS
3 engines: JFreeChart, HChart, ExtChart
SpagoBI offers a specific analytical engine based on JFreeChart for the development of single ready-to-use chart widgets (such as histograms, pie charts, bar charts, area charts, scatter diagrams, line charts, bubble charts, dispersion charts) and interactive ones (temporal sliders, add/delete series), to be used separately or to be aggregated into a report for a richer data analysis.

1 engine: KPI
SpagoBI offers all necessary tools to create, manage, view and browse KPI hierarchy models, through different methods, calculation rules, thresholds and alarm rules.

2 engines: composed document, in-memory (1)
SpagoBI allows users to aggregate several documents into a single view and to interact with them in a dynamic and intuitive way.

ad hoc reporting AD-HOC REPORTING
1 engine: Worksheet
SpagoBI allows end-users to freely create their own multi-sheet reports, including simple tables, cross-tables and charts in the document template.

location intelligence LOCATION INTELLIGENCE
2 engines: GEO, GIS
SpagoBI offers two geographical engines allowing to set run-time connections between geographical data and business data stored in the data warehouse:
  • a GEO engine, which uses a static catalogue in order to display data, allowing users to dynamically re-aggregate information, according to geographical hierarchies (e.g. state, country, city) - View example
  • a GIS engine, which interacts with real spatial systems, according to the WFS/WMS scheme - View example

free inquiry FREE INQUIRY (Driven Data Selection)
2 engines: QbE, Smart Filter
SpagoBI offers a QbE (Query by Example) engine, which is suitable for those cases in which free inquiry and extraction of data is more relevant than data graphical representation and layout. Users can build queries through an entirely graphical and web-based interface. They can also execute queries, check the results, export them, save them for future use and generate templates.

data mining DATA MINING
2 engines: Weka, R (1)
SpagoBI allows advanced data analysis, thanks to Data Mining processes aiming to find out hidden information patterns given a large amount of data.

2 engines: Dash, Console
SpagoBI offers a specific engine allowing the development of real-time monitoring consoles, to be used in Business, operational and BAM (Business Activity Monitoring) processes.

collaboration COLLABORATION
1 engine: Analytical Dossier
SpagoBI offers a specific engine allowing to automatically create structured report dossiers, enriched with notes and comments posted by users. A collaborative workflow supports the management of the report dossiers in order to allow users to receive the related notes.

Office automation OFFICE AUTOMATION
1 engine: Office
SpagoBI offers a specific engine for the publication of personal documents in BI environments, realized through common Office tools (Open Office or MS Office).

1 engine: Talend
SpagoBI includes a tool for loading data into the data warehouse and managing it. SpagoBI ETL engine integrates the open source product TOS (Talend Open Studio).

mobile MOBILE
4 engines: Table, Chart, Cockpit, KPI (1)
SpagoBI offers specialized components based on the common touch-screen interaction paradigm, to efficiently combine BI with mobility.

external processes EXTERNAL PROCESSES
1 engine: CommonJ
SpagoBI offers a component that allows the management of customized processes, which can run in the background or be scheduled to start and stop at a scheduled time.

master data management MASTER DATA MANAGEMENT
1 engine: Registry (QbE)
SpagoBI offers the facility to write back to the database. Users can modify table data through an intuitive user interface, whose behavior can be set by means of simple configuration parameters, using pre-defined models.

network analysis NETWORK ANALYSIS
1 engine: Network
SpagoBI allows users to visualize and interpret relations among a set of entities. An entity can be animate (e.g. social media users) or inanimate (e.g. countries, companies, projects).

(1) Available through 2014

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