Development of Business Intelligence projects by SpagoBI Competency Center

SpagoBI Competency Center is a working unit belonging to the Research & Innovation department of Engineering Group, one of the top 10 European Information Technology companies, the major private and independent Italian player in IT services. SpagoBI Competency Center develops and manages SpagoBI suite, but it also includes a specific working unit for the realization of Business Intelligence projects using SpagoBI.

This team operates in-house, at Engineering Group's Italian premises, and is at your disposal for an on-demand evaluation of SpagoBI, through a full assessment of the suite or the realization of a pilot project. Moreover, the team develops in-house software projects based on SpagoBI, under a turn-key contractual agreement. At the end of this process, the solution will be delivered to you and will benefit from a dedicated support through on-site integration, provided by SpagoBI Competency Center or a local integrator.

SpagoBI Competency Center, which closely collaborates with Engineering Group’s market divisions, owns all necessary skills to realize business intelligence projects (BI/DBRMS/DWH, SpagoBI specialists and business analysts) and fully applies the project-centric model, ensuring users' satisfaction, using SpagoBI as an “horizontal” technology to realize software projects suitable for any market sector: finance, insurances, telecommunications, utilities, industries, public administration, healthcare and many more.

We can offer you different options: in order to define the solution that most suits your specific needs and for information on prices, contact us.

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