Development of Business Intelligence projects by SpagoBI Labs

SpagoBI Labs are a working unit belonging to the Technical, Innovation & Research Division of Engineering Group. SpagoBI Labs develop and manage SpagoBI suite, but it also includes a specific working unit for the realization of Business Intelligence projects using SpagoBI.

This team operates in-house, at Engineering Group's Italian premises, and is at your disposal for an on-demand evaluation of SpagoBI, through a full assessment of the suite or the realization of a pilot project. Moreover, the team develops in-house software projects based on SpagoBI, under a turn-key contractual agreement. At the end of this process, the solution will be delivered to you and will benefit from a dedicated support through on-site integration, provided by SpagoBI Labs or a local integrator.

SpagoBI Labs, which closely collaborate with Engineering Group's market divisions, own all necessary skills to realize business intelligence projects (BI/DBRMS/DWH, SpagoBI specialists and business analysts) and fully applies the project-centric model, ensuring users' satisfaction, using SpagoBI as a "horizontal" technology to realize software projects suitable for any market sector: finance, insurances, telecommunications, utilities, industries, public administration, healthcare and many more.

We can offer you different options: in order to define the solution that most suits your specific needs and for information on prices, contact us.

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