Cloud BI with SpagoBI, the only 100% open source, complete and flexible business intelligence suite

With SpagoBI, the Open Source Business Intelligence fits your needs and your budget!

The benefits coming from SpagoBI for Cloud are evident: no more purchase, installation, maintenance and giving up of sophisticated hardware devices and software and no more expensive licenses!

This opportunity allows you to avoid deploying SpagoBI on your servers or to buy the licenses of the related software solutions. Moreover, this way you can dramatically cut down the initial setup and “go-live” effort of your Business Intelligence projects.

Our Cloud architecture allows you to use an instance of SpagoBI Server through a remote connection, provided by SpagoBI team in a short time, against the payment of a monthly fee. At this point, you will be allowed to access your instance, to tailor it to your needs, to upload your data and to deploy your analysis.

SpagoBI for Cloud: how it works

The basic solution includes an entirely open source stack, composed of:

  • OS: Linux RHEL
  • Application Server: Tomcat or JBoss with HTTPS protocol
  • RDBMS: MySQL or Postgres on a virtual machine with 40 GB disk space.

Further options, such as Single Sign On (CAS 3), a larger disk space and tailored configurations are available on request.

The SpagoBI for Cloud service requires the payments of a monthly fee for the requested period of time, including SpagoBI suite Maintenance support service. SpagoBI for Cloud is a service provided within the Cloe enterprise cloud by Engineering Group.

Contact us for further details on the configurations or for the pricing of SpagoBI for Cloud service.

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