Geo-referenced BI with SpagoBI, the only 100% open source, complete and flexible business intelligence suite

More than 80% of enterprise data are directly or indirectly localised.
The Location Intelligence involves all those processes, technologies, applications and practices capable to combine spatial data (GIS - Geographical Information System) with business data (BI - Business Intelligence), in order to gain critical insights, to better support decisional processes and to optimize business activities.

SpagoBI is the only open source Business Intelligence suite that offers a complete range of Location Intelligence functionalities.

SpagoBI allows to perform data analysis on interactive thematic maps which identify patterns, trends and/or critical areas, with an immediacy and effectiveness that would otherwise be impossible with traditional reporting tools.
The capture of the spatial data needed to produce the thematic maps is managed in a transparent way, totally based on open standards approved by the Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC). Therefore, SpagoBI allows to use spatial data coming from enterprise sources (GIS) and external sources (such as OpenStreetMap and Google), allowing end users to produce their first maps in a few minutes.


SpagoBI GEO/GIS engines

SpagoBI offers two geographical engines allowing to set real-time connections between the geographical data and the business data stored in the data warehouse:

  • A GEO engine, which uses a static catalogue in order to display data, allowing users to dynamically re-aggregate the information, according to geographical hierarchies (ex. nation, country, city). This engine can also be used out of the geographical "context" in the strict sense of the word: the indicators distribution can be displayed through any graphical structure (ex. process flow charts, topological schemes of hardware infrastructures)
  • A GIS engine, which interacts with real spatial systems, according to the WFS/WMS scheme.

SpagoBI Location Intelligence: how it works

The main functionalities provided by SpagoBI Location Intelligence include:

  • map production, integrating spatial data coming from various sources, such as: ArcGis, Geoserver, MapServer, OpenstreetMap, Google, Shapefile
  • access to spatial data based on OGC standards(WMS and WFS)
  • web-gis functionalities (such as: showing/hiding layers, zooming, pan, distance and area measuring, data visualization of selected graphical elements)
  • map thematization, based on the values of one or more measures available in the data warehouse (choropleth and proportional symbols)
  • charts visualization directly on maps
  • cross navigation of maps to any other analysis stored in SpagoBI, in order to display the most important data.

A further step for the open source Location Intelligence: the GeoBI initiative

SpagoBI team goes further than this: the team has funded and continues to support the GeoBI initiative aiming to create an open community fostering the pervasive adoption of the open source Location Intelligence.

For all details on the initiative:
GeoBI initiative

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