How to Use SpagoBI, the only 100% open source, complete and flexible Business Intelligence suite


As a Server

SpagoBI is usually used as a Server. You can choose among 16 analytical areas and more than twenty engines, providing various solutions for each analytical area. Learn more


  • 100% open source forever!
  • The business intelligence comprehensive suite: all BI capabilities, many analytical areas, various engines
  • unique solutions, not only usual reporting and charting tools: Geo, QbE, Dossier, KPIs, Interactive Dashboards, Real-time BI
  • an industry-grade, complete, robust, secure and scalable BI suite supported by a large company, an open community and an ever-growing partner network
  • pay the support when you need it, how long you need it!

On demand

On-demand SpagoBI provides you with dedicated hardware and software resources through which SpagoBI team will put at your disposal your BI project, realized in a quick and secure way. You get back immediate results and avoid the initial setup and configuration effort. Learn more


  • no initial setup and configuration effort
  • quick results
  • affordable price
  • results guaranteed by SpagoBI core team
  • suitable both for evaluation and production activities.


Cloud SpagoBI allows you to avoid deploying SpagoBI on your servers or to buy the licenses of the related software solutions. You use an instance of SpagoBI Server through a remote connection, against the payment of a monthly fee. Learn more


  • no more management of infrastructural hardware and software resources (purchase, installation, maintenance and giving up)
  • choose your own configuration
  • pay per use (on a monthly-fee base)
  • maintanence included.


Mobile SpagoBI allows you to display and analyze your data anywhere, at any time. Through SpagoBI real-time functionalities, you are kept up to date in real-time with possible critical events, reported by the operational systems, allowing you to react promptly. Learn more


  • your data anytime, anywhere
  • your business constantly under control
  • prompt reaction to events requiring quick decision making
  • connection to SpagoBI Server for data security, on-demand updating of data, alarms and notifications.

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