Real-time BI with SpagoBI, the only 100% open source, complete and flexible business intelligence suite

SpagoBI supports the real-time monitoring, analysis and presentation of business data and processes. You can keep business processes under control by constantly monitoring their state.
SpagoBI allows you to go further than this: you can detect inefficiencies and bottlenecks in your business processes, promptly react to events requiring quick decision making, as well as discover new business opportunities hidden in your own data.


Real-time BI with SpagoBI: how it works

SpagoBI combines the features of eBAM, the eclipse extended Business Activity Monitoring platform, with advanced data analysis and data representation capabilities, including reports, KPIs and interactive charts.
Data are collected real-time directly from the source and shown to the business user as soon as they occur. In addition, they can be stored for future historical analysis: this way, you can perform data analysis by taking into account real-time and historical information at the same time.

Eclipse eBAM

Take a step ahead and get ready for Real-time BI with SpagoBI!

SpagoBI features and flexibility allow you to build the best solution for your business.
Real-time BI with SpagoBI includes:

  • The eclipse eBAM platform (extended Business Activity Monitoring). It integrates heterogenous data sources to detect real-time business events, based on simple or complex logics. eBAM is based on standard technologies and is entirely open source.
  • A real-time console, to monitor business processes and data by simply taking a look at cockpits and live charts. When an urgent decision is needed, you can modify the data using the same Real-time console.
  • Support to advanced modelling of data and events, which also includes the opportunity to set alarms and notifications when certain events occur.
  • A wide set of data analysis features to combine historical analysis with real-time data monitoring. SpagoBI allows business process mining to discover new business information that are hidden in your data.

BI in Real-space: connecting Real-time BI with Mobile BI

When you use Real-time BI with Mobile BI with SpagoBI, you have your real-time data delivered right when you need them, no matter where you are.

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