On-demand BI with SpagoBI, the only 100% open source, complete and flexible business intelligence suite

Prices starting at € 5,000! (*)
With SpagoBI, the Open Source Business Intelligence fits your needs and your budget!

The service includes dedicated hardware and software resources - accessible through a secure website connection - through which SpagoBI team put at your disposal your BI solutions, realized in a quick and secure way. This service guarantees immediate results, allowing you to cut down the initial setup and configuration effort, thus reducing your learning curve.

The service is directly delivered by SpagoBI core team who guarantees the best result at the lowest price.

On-demand SpagoBI is available as:
  • Evaluation, which allows you to get a quick evaluation of SpagoBI suite effectiveness through the agile development of Proof of Concepts and/or Pilot Projects;
  • Production, which allows you to self-manage your business intelligence projects, without worrying about infrastructure software and hardware management.

SpagoBI On-Demand Evaluation – How it works

The customer outsources the development of his/her pilot project to SpagoBI team, providing them with the data needed to perform the evaluation. At the same time, the customer and SpagoBI team jointly define the analytical and demonstration goals to be reached and on the development time. By the deadline, SpagoBI team makes the requested pilot project available to the customer on Engineering Group’s hosting system for a predefined time frame. At the end of this trial period, the entire pilot project will be delivered to the customer, in order to allow him/her to deploy it on his/her server and to further develop it.

SpagoBI On-Demand Production – How it works

SpagoBI team allows the customer to access the suite, so that s/he can develop his/her own project autonomously, using the "platform as a service". In details, the customer pays for the support services when s/he needs them and how long s/he needs them, against the payment of a monthly fee. In the meantime, SpagoBI team take care of the infrastructural management of the suite, of the software and hardware. The service includes the maintenance of the suite.
SpagoBI On-Demand is suitable for those customers who need to start a Business Intelligence project. Afterwards, the project is migrated into the solution SpagoBI in Cloud or it is delivered to the customer, in order to allow him/her to deploy it on his/her server and to further develop it.

For further information or a SpagoBI Suite on-demand service estimation, please contact us.

(*) Indicative price of “On-demand evaluation” for a basic configuration including the development of one interactive dashboard displaying three quadrants (1 Report/Geo, 2 Charts), 1 QbE (Query by Example) and pivoting model, 1 Smart Filter model and 1 OLAP cube. The basic configuration includes the management of a single user role. The data shall be provided as an entirely exhaustive flat schema, to be imported directly, without need to perform any quality analysis (i.e. decoding, integrations, transformations, errors management).

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